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Setting DPI

Hi. My daughter has my Canon Rebel XLT camera. She would like to take pictures in the largest format possible. She is having a very large banner made for their softball team and her pictures of the girls need to be of high resolution. Can someone remind me how to set the highest resolution for this and where to find it in settings please. I would appreciate any help possible. I know it is an older Canon but it takes great pictures yet. Again Thanks Earline 

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Re: Setting DPI

Just set the camera to Large  fine JPEG mode - that is the highest resolution you can get. There is no DPI setting, it is fixed at 72 dpi, but it does not matter anyway.

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Re: Setting DPI

Thank you for your help!!  But where does she set that at please? 

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Re: Setting DPI

Press Menu button


Select red camera icon that has one dot


select image quality icon that shows L with smooth curved icon. Should be the first one.

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Re: Setting DPI


DPI is a misunderstood and misused and incorrectly used term.  The camera has no DPI.  Only prints have DPI.  The camera shoots at its highest level and saves the info at the level you choose.

I don't recall a Canon Rebel XLT ?  Getting old I guess!   But if it has RAW ability, use the highest RAW setting.  You will need a RAW converter but you should have gotten it with the camera.  Otherwise use the highest jpg setting.


A tip.  Some Moms have asked where to get some big banner-like prints made quickly.  I told them to try Office Max or Office Depot. Those stores usually have large format color plotters.  They make pretty nice pretty, inexpensive and fast, very large pictures.

Just take the memory card to them with the shots on it.  They can even do some light editing.

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