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Canon Rebel XT question.

Hello all,

  Back in 2007 I bought the Rebel XT.  It's sat unused the last few years, but I'm looking at a trip to Alaska in September, so felt I should get back up to speed on it. 


I'm planning to buy some new CF cards, but the book doesn't give much detail on size limits.  It says Type I or Type II, and supports CF cards 2G or larger.  Nothing says what the max is.  


Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Canon Rebel XT question.

There is no max limit provided the CF card is formatted on a device other than your XT. If you format the card in your XT then the limit will be 8GB even if the card is larger.

Mike Sowsun
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Re: Canon Rebel XT question.

"...the limit will be 8GB even if the card is larger."


Which is not a bad thing.  Using several smaller CF cards is what you want to do.  A lot of folks think they need a huge 64GB or 128GB card and put the entire trip on one card.  However, even though it is unlikely it does happen, if the single CF card gets lost or broken or corrupted, you lose the entire trip.  Better idea is to use several smaller CF cards. I prefer 16BG CF cards but I would be OK using 8GB on an XT.

If you must and think you must use a big CF card, have a way to transfer the photos to a laptop or other device each evening.


Although you will read, I have to, that you must format the CF card with the camera. IMPE, I have not seen any problem using a Windows computer to format CF cards.  I don't know if this extends to Macs since I am not a Mac user.


Another thought since you have a 12 year old Rebel that has set for a while, you might try the Canon Loyalty Program.  The refurb store usually has Rebel T6 with the newer better kit lens around the $350 range, plus the loyalty offer.

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Re: Canon Rebel XT question.

Thank you Mike and ebiggs.


I'll definitely look at the loyalty program.  I wouldn't mind upgrading.  Though it'll hlep if I can giet a 0% interest financing on such an upgrade.  I've also got an even older Canon film camera still, wonder if that would sweeten the trade. (smiles)


Thanks again,



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