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video pans from Canon 5D mark 3 look sloppy whats up?


Ive tried alot of settings to get a good clean pan, inluding auto but nothing is working.  Video is a little jumpy.  Using a tripod and various speeds.  The memory card is fast. 



Is there a preferred AF setting when shooting video.  Having issues when tilting or panning.

Most of the regulars here are primarily stills shooters, so video questions don't seem to generate a lot of discussion.  There is a video-specific area in the forums at, I suggest posting up there if nobody here has any ideas.  I don't shoot video at all, so I don't know much about it, but I thought most 'serious' video shooters shoot manual focus, no?



Hello anneLouise,

It is difficult to ascertain from your post what may be causing this issue.  If you are shooting with an Image Stabilized lens, ensure that you have deactivated the Image Stabilization on the lens as this could cause the image to be shaky.

If this is an urgent matter, please feel free to Contact Us through technical support directly.

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