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vertical lines on LCD, 7D Mark ii


I have lines on the left side of the LCD screen, but not on the images themselves. See pictures below.  It's more of an annoyance because it blocks about a quarter inch of info or the image on the screen.  This happened recently but it got me thinking about instances in the past few months when it has been difficult to change the settings on the screen and sometimes the screen goes black.  

Is it worth getting it looked at and fixed, or just live with it esp since the images are not being affected. And I have no warranty...


Thanks in advance





It can't hurt to call Canon and see how much it would cost to repair, but you will probably want to live with it.

(Does it happen when you plug into an HDMI monitor?)

I've never hooked up direct to a monitor.  They ballparked $350-600, which to me is a big range but I guess they can't tell me anything until they look at it.


Thank you.

Hence the question about the HDMI, if it is clean, it is solely an LCD issue, if it shows up on the HDMI, it is a controller issue and a much more involved repair.

ok, I will try it.
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