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on/off to record settings?

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Here's Another question I'll throw out there.... (that will probably  be one of those oh duh moments)

 I  sent a photo to someone they asked me ....Do you have your settings turned off or something, what are they?

So is there a control somewhere in the menu that records the camera settings when the photo is snapped?  If so, where is it and how do I turn it on?  Thanks L.




"Here's Another question I'll throw out there.... (that will probably  be one of those oh duh moments)" 


First and foremost, never be afraid to ask questions.  We all must learn some way, somehow, at some time.  BTW, my definition of "dumb question" is a question that you're too embarrassed to ask.




"Do you have your settings turned off or something, what are they?" 


What file format is the camera using to save your pictures?  JPEGs created in camera will normally have shooting info appended to the image file as metadata.  Metadata is data that describes data.  For example, metadata about a Social Security numbers says it has nine digits and is formatted a certain way when it is written out.


If you save your files as RAW, and are generating JPEGs in a computer, then appending shooting information is usually an option of the software used to generate the JPEG files.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

If you save your files as RAW, and are generating JPEGs in a computer, then appending shooting information is usually an option of the software used to generate the JPEG files


.....can you tell me where it is in the software?  I am missing something? 


 I shoot in Raw+jpg, load it into the computer by card reader, then when I send, it automatically sends out as jpeg....but I don't see any of the info (meta data) anywhere.  I 'm not quite understanding this.

 Am I looking in the wrong place? Do I need to shoot in jpeg instead of raw??  I was told (via you tube) that if you shoot in raw+, there are more options in processing.  Personally, I can't remember what I shot yesterday, let alone if it sits in the camera for a week (or more). Being able to have that information would be very helpful, especially when trying to hone in on some skills!  Impossible if you don't know (remember) what was done......


I guess I need to figure this out,  as I don't see any options (regarding the meta data) like that in the software, or have a clue how to find it.  If I need to shoot in jpg to get it I will change how I shoot.  But so far, I haven't seen anything like that in jpg or raw in the computer options.  I must not be looking in the right place.     I really am baffled by this one.


Thank you for helping me on this one, I've been putting off asking because this one should be obvious.


Could it be the program that you're using? (or the one I'm not using)  if it is, then it's time for a new computer! (a big girl computer) vs this chromebook.  Some ppl love them, I am not one of those, and it has been quite limiting so far with photography anyway.  But if google can't make something that runs "google play" to run adobe, java, or photoshop, I think they missed the boat.  This could be my entire problem, but if theres a way around it, sure would be nice to know.  If anyone does, please help.


Oh, that's right.  You're using a Chromebook, which means no Microsoft or Apple operating systems.  If you're shooting RAW+JPEG, then I guess that means that your RAW files are being saved, but not processed in any way. 


Okay, does your Chromebook allow you to examine a file's properties?  You should find EXIF shooting info in the "Details" section of JPEG file properties.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hi fatcat, my guess is that your friend is complaining that there is no EXIF data imbedded in your pictures.  The EXIF data contains information such as camera type, shooting mode, aperture, speed ISO and a whole slew of other things that help people reconstruct what the photographer did.


The Canon camera automatically embed the EXIF data in both your jpeg and RAW images and there is no option to turn it off. So the camera is not the problem.  In many cases, the software program you use to resize or post process the images will strip the EXIF info out of the images.  This, I believe, is the problem.  Usually you'd have the option to either strip or keep the EXIF data so check into that for your software program (what is it that you are using, BTW?).

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I kinda thought this may be the problem,  no drivers to read the info in the camera...!  dawg gonnnnit


I just DL photos into the computer, it goes into google drive or downloads (in the cloud, wherever that is).  Then I open the processor,  Pixlr and/or Sumo, as they are the only decent programs that I can find compatible.  If not much needs to be done, Picmonkey's ok, (pretty basic, but quick and easy) .  They all auto convert to jpeg when it's changes are saved.  Never seen an option to get the meta dataor EXTF, on any of them.  Now I know why.  From the SDcard, seems they convert to  jpeg when they go to the cloud also....guess I should just start shooting in jpeg, lol  (at least till I get another machine since it doesn't seem to matter here).


I think the problem is I'm just using the software on the computer, vs cannon's, only because theres no hd on chrome, it all goes into the cloud.......


Interesting to know that other photographers can look up that EXTIF data on you. (that is, if you have a real computer) Can't get away w/ forgetting the settings  that way, or cheating..... if there is such a thing in photography...or lie about it if you dont want others to know what you did (ie, in a contest so op can't copy you)  Not that anybody would do that deliberately...but kinda creepy in a way too.  (not really)  I guess theres a way to look up that info yourself too?  (on a real computer, lol)


So I figured sooner or later I would need to do this (upgrade computer).  Looks like sooner than later...

This is what my neighbor recommended I get back in Nov.,, but I don't think he was considering the photography aspect.  For everything else it's been ok, fine.  I guess the only advantage I can see is if you corrupt your files, everything is backed up in the cloud somewhere.  (Just have to find it) but not for photos......I can see this is where all of my frustration has originated from.  

Well thanks again for everyone's information.  I was hoping for a better soln. (that didn't cost as much) , sadly,  it's about what I figured. 

Thanks guys,


I tested Pixlr and Sumo paint and they both strip the exif data...bummer.  By the way, I wouldn't use Pixlr, it will also destroy your original files...that's bad news, stay away from that unless you keep backups.  Also, I don't think either ones know what to do with your RAW files...You can try just recording in RAW, download and see if these programs see them.  They didn't see mine but I'm using the PC.

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