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iTR AF on 1 Dx



Interested in opinions from 1 DX users on the forum, I've asked the question on another forum and received little feedback so thought I'd try here.


The main difference between the 5D3 and 1Dx AF systems is the intelligent tracking option (as well as the separate processor).
I wonder how many of us use this on a day to day basis, and how effective it is?
Most of the time I tend to use single point or single point with surrounding assist, which of course doesn't use this function, and wondered if I am missing using a useful function, and how/if others use it?

Thanks, George.


If I read your post correctly you have a 1D X, so maybe you should try it and report back with your findings.
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Yes I do have a 1Dx, but as I said in my original post, the type of photography I do means I don't use the settings which would let me use the iTR, and I was hoping that there were some who had experience of it and could shed some light on it's usefulness.


The limited amount of testing I have done indicates to me that it gives no benefit, but I didn't want to prejudice any replies.


Surprised there are no more comments on this???..


If you're just using one AF point you may as well use a 5D II.  Half the point of owning a camera that can do this is to exploit the feature.


I have a 5D III but I do actually consider when to use _all_ of the focus modes and tend to not just stick to one.  Each one has a unique advantage.  I never thought I'd use the 61-point auto-select mode but it turns out that if you're following athletes that can move around in the frame quite a bit then the full 61-point AF mode with iTR works _really_ well.  If you use another mode then you're constraining the selected AF point(s) (e.g. you could use zone AF but the zones are relatively small).


Canon has a 47 page guide on JUST the auto-focus system alone... you should check it out:


The 47 page PDF is in the lower left corner of the page and should definitely be on your reading list if you own a 1D X or a 5D III.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Tim, thanks for that, I assume you were trying the iTR on a 1Dx as as far as I am aware it's not on the 5D3

Yes, I've read everything I can find on the iTR but there are quite a few differing views and I wanted to see what real life users found!!..a lot of comments were made just when the camera came out  and haven't been updated.

So far i seem to have been singularly unsucessful in finding up to date comments, which suggests it either doesn't make much difference or most have it switched off!!

As I said, I tend to use centre point with assist on my shots which are mainly wildlife, and the af on the 1Dx willl knock spots off a 5D2 in terms of af acquisition and stability.


The 1D X and 5D III have the same focus system.  The _only_ nuance is that a 1D X has more metering zones than a 5D III so they link the metering system into the tracking algorithm on the version of iTR they use on a 1D X.  Other than that, the two systems are the same.


They explain the nuance on that page I linked above.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks Tim, the interesting part is the following....


Aside from the ability to use EOS iTR, and its companion Face Detection technology that is also used with Automatic AF point selection, AF operation with the two cameras is essentially the same.


and so as far as I can see, the iTR function, which also includes face recognition and  is switchable on and off in the menue of the 1Dx, is not available on the 5D3.


Therefor the original question still stands, do 1Dx owners use this or not?




I have it enabled on my 1Dx but that said I rarely use all 61 points or zone af and typically only use centre with cross or box surround assist for shooting football matches. To be honest I've never really tried it out using all 61 points, by all accounts its pretty good but I like to have a bit more control over my focus target at football matches so hence why I only use a max of 9. 


I have read it can slow the AF down but I am assuming because I am not using all 61 or zone af that it wont affect my af speed. I'm now wondering if I am assumming wrongly! Better try it and foind out I suppose!

Hi, you are using the settings that I use most of the time, and like you I've never really tried it out as I don't use the 61 pionts.

Some of my friends have said it slows down the af, but this would only apply if you are using the 61 points, so if you're using the other settings for af point selection then I don't think it'll affect the af performance, which in my opinion is really excellent on the 1 Dx.


Glad we've got a 1Dx user to comment, it's all very well looking at the specs, but until you use it in real life it's difficult to assess, and as the system on the 1 Dx and as far as I'm aware on the 5D3 is so good I think most users will be struggling to assess it.

The comments I've had from people that have used both these bodies seems to indicate the keeper rate is higher on the 1 Dx, I suppose the dedicated processor will help and is necessary for 12 fps.


Be interested in your test results!!

Thanks for replying,



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