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iPhone EOS Remote and 6D


Hey All,

I got my camera and iPhone "talking" through the EOS app, but when I go to reconnect, the iPhone can't find the camera.  Do I have to manually go into the iPhone's wifi settings each time and choose the camera's "network" before they'll connect, or am I missing something?  It seems like that would be a lot of steps (and something the app should do anyway) every time you want to connect the two.






That's what I have to do with the Android version.  It surprised me that the App couldn't do it as well, but as I'm sure you noticed, it's very Beta still.  Personally I've found it easier to just tether the old fashion way for most my shooting.  Hopefully the app will get better in future revisions...  or better, if DSLR Controller patches it to work through the 6D WiFi.

If your phone is not connected to any wi-fi network, it will find the camera automatically (if you already set it up once). I don't think this will change in the future. I wish it has blue-tooth so the pairing could be easier. You have to understand that it is connected via Wi-fi. So you'll have to tell your phone which network to connect. It likes when you set up your phone to pick up your home network automatically, it will not connect with any of you neighbor network until you manually do so. Same thing here, you can set your phone to auto connect to your 6D and if you are out on the field and there is no recognized network, they will connect alright.
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