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how to fix "video recording has been stopped automatically" on CANON EOS 60D


i bought my canon eos 60d camera few years ago. And i just realize when i start to recording a video it start normally at first but then after 3-6 seconds, my video has been stopped and it's said "video recording has been stopped automatically". seriously this makes me feel so annoyed, i'm using SD Ultra with 20MB/s class 6 16GB. please tell me how to fix it, so that i can record videos with longer duration. thank you for your attention. Man Happy



I had the same problem with my T2i. I use a 32gb Class10card and use it only for video.I also found if I format it each time before using I've never had the problem again.It needs to be a class 10 card.Hope this will help,it works for me.

When you shoot Video you need very fast WRITE SPEEDS, the Read speed means nothing but is usually faster than the write speed & is the one used in the advertising.

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