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exposure simulation wont show in viewfinder / canon 5D mark III


i'm having a bit of a headache right now: exposure/aperture simulation wont show in viewfinder (but is working absolutely fine on lcd liveview screen). i do see all the info in viewfinder (i also see the sensor «reading» the exposure/light when i point camera in different directions) and camera will shoot pictures with the settings I have selected, but will not show what exposure/aperture looks like in the viewfinder. any idea what the problem is? i did reset all the settings in camera but it doesnt change anything. Smiley Sad thanks for your help.



Because it can't. It is just a direct view through a prism. You can use the depth-of-field preview to stop the lens down, but there is nothing you can do to simulate shutter speed.

stupid me. i did work a lot with the lcd screen lately. since there is an exposure simulation feature with the lcd, i suddenly wondered why my viewfinder wasnt doing it anymore. but it never did.