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canon t6i bundl video kit rode mic hiss

New Contributor

so ive been using my canon t6i and rode micgo for about 2 mouths never had to mess with the recording sound. left it on auto.
well today when i was vlogging for some reason it was going crazy high! making a hiss sound and everything to loud. is it the camrea thats not getting the lvls right or is my mic wak? 


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I recently read some posts from others who said wi-fi could contribute to back ground noise or unexpected behavior.  If enabled, try disabling this function and retest.  Ths may not apply in your case, so if it doesn't, reply back and we can make other suggestions.


Also, if you can provide more information about the shooting conditions.  Inside, outside, windy, calm still day, etc. 

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Auto setting of the audio introduces dynamic range compression, AFAIK.  Manually set the volume with an external microphone.


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Thanks for the wi-if info unfortunately I’ve tried that:(. In the past I could shoot anywhere inside, outside almost any type of weather and it would be fine with out having to do manually :(. I think I’ll just have to get a new mic and see if it’s the camera 😞