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canon 80D build in flash error


Hi everyone, 

I'm a newbie with canon camera, right now i have a problem with the build in flash of the canon 80D that I have. Recently I have a cage rig for this camera and I put it on the camera and use it normally, however today when I using it, I accidentally switch to auto mode and the build in flash trying to pop up to take pictures, but since it blocked by the cage and I didn't recognize the problem right away, and it just run for a while trying to pop up the flash. Now the camera just can't shut the build in flash down to normal, any ideas could help. T311363086_1556535398114084_3918017902852990163_n.jpg311224186_672244637481324_1487527149218801751_n.jpghanks so much



If the retention latch is not broken, you should be able to get it to work again by removing the battery and/or resetting the camera.  Chnging the shooting mode in conjunction with the above might also help.

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thank you for your comment, I've try your solution, but seem like nothing work, maybe the retention latch is broken. However, it seem like not a big problem to shoot right? Everything functions normally, except for that build in flash.