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Would you trade the R8 for R6?


I like my R8 but find it frustrating at times, mainly the ergonomics, so I've never quite taken to it as fully as I might. The price difference between what I'd get selling the R8 and buying even a new R6 isn't overwhelming. I wonder what I'd be missing if I went for the R6. I don't do video and it would be for stills, mainly landscape and tourist-y stuff as I use my R7 for wildlife. One bonus is shared batteries with the R7.



I’d suggest the R6 Mark II over the R6, which is still an excellent body.  The R8 and R7 have Dual Pixel AF version 2 systems that are more similar to the R6 Mark II than the R6, which has the original version.

Don’t get me wrong.  The R6 still gets my recommendation, too.

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Good Morning,

I share similar sentiment 😀

If the R6 mkII didn't exist, I prefer the R6 over the R8.  Especially for someone who is more still photo centric and less video centric.  I never got real excited about the R6, only because of its resolution.  That doesn't mean it's not a good camera, it is.  The R6 mkII however is on a whole different level.  It took all of the things the R6 was and made them better.  Exactly what a mkII is intended to do. 

These can help you decide.

Canon R8 vs Canon R6 Detailed Comparison (

***Canon R8 vs Canon R6 II Detailed Comparison (

If I were in this situation.  I would not change the R8 for an R6 mkI.  The R8 is powerful, but not suited for my type of photography.  Mostly because of its size and controls.  I feel the R6 mkII is a better investment, and worth the additional expense.  It offers superior value over the R8 (checks more of my boxes).  Size, controls, AF points, number of shots on one battery, 2 card slots.  If you want small (compact), then the R8 wins.  If the R8 had a joystick and was a tad taller, it would be killer, but that's why the R6 mkII exists 😀   Sorry to derail and push you towards the R6 mkII, but there just isn't the value prop between the R8 and R6 (for me).  The mkII costs more because you get more.  

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I'll allow the links because i love the information they give, and obviously, I trust you, Rick... but to ANYONE shopping for these cameras, please be aware ONLY is an Authorized Canon dealer. That means the product must be shipped and sold by You're at risk of buying Gray Market otherwise.

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The R8 offers great value for money, but the R6 models are a step up in several areas.  The R6II shares the same sensor with the R8, but the R6 bodies have a bigger battery, better weather protection and generally better build. The R6 models offer In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) which the R8 does not.  For landscape work that is usually less of an issue, but it is nice to have for hand-held shooting.   I have two R6 and one R6II and they are all great cameras.

TBH, much depends on what conditions you shoot in and what you are going to produce.  Given there is a difference in the sensors between the R6 and R6II or R8 that might be significant.   Likely more difference will be found in the lenses you use, of which we have no knowledge.

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