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Wirelessly tethering with a 1D C help needed!




I feel pretty stupid and frustrated so that naturally led me to ask the internet for help haha. 


I just picked up a WFT-E6 so that I could see what I was shooting on my MacBook Pro wirelessly. However I can't get it to work. (I should also mention I have never shot tethered wired so this is all new to me.)


I need to know a few things. 


1) Am I able to do this without an actual internet connection by creating a wifi connection on my laptop and using the EOS Utility? (I have managed to get the computer to see the camera and vice versa, but have no idea how to now have pics I take be sent to the computer and automatically displayed. Maybe I messed something up.)


2) If the answer is yes can someone please walk me through how to do this. And what application I should use to view the pictures as I shoot them? 


3) If the answer to #1 is no, I need to know how to do this over a real WiFi connection then, which means you can not ever do this on remote locations?


Thank you in advance for anyone that can help!



Hello Bhh,

Getting started using the Wireless File Transmitters, as we understand, can be a daunting task. Therefore, we have set up a web site that goes over complete details for the transmitters and the cameras.  Therefore, we'd suggest checking out the Canon Digital Learning Center for details on setting up your equipment. 

Canon DLC.

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