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Wireless flash function

I was trying to set up my camera to use an external flash off camera. I have a canon rebel t6. My flash is a unpack that has slave mode. Does my camera have this capability and how do i set it up. Thanks


The T6 is an entry level camera model and the built-in flash does not have wireless "Master" capability.


BUT... If your external flash is equipped with slave modes S1 and S2,  you should be able to get it to fire in sync with the flash on your camera.  Use S2 so that it will ingnore the ETTL pre-flash from your cameras built-in flash. 


You will need to set the flash power manually as this type of slave flash has no way of measuring, or automatically adjusting the light output required. 


Which flash do you have?


Here is a sample of what S1 and S2 may look like in the flash menu.



Mike Sowsun

I have the Sunpack df4000. It has slave one and slave 2. How do I set this up. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


You will need to review the manual to figure out how to set up S2 slave mode. 
Here is a sample from the Sunpak DF3600 manual and it doesn't look very simple. It is probably the same procedure and you will have to try it a few times before you get it set up correctly.  

DF4000 slave.jpg


Mike Sowsun