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Why wont my canon eos t3i rebel record video

New Contributor
my canon eos t3i rebel records sound but not video. i have a efs 18-58mm lens what is wrong?

Honored Contributor

Can you take pictures in live view?


Sounds like the mirror is not getting out of the way.

No the screen is just black but it is recording audio what do u mean by mirror



I do not understand what is wrond with my live view

Honored Contributor

The mirror is inside the camera and flips up to switch between the viewfinder and the sensor. If it doesn't flip up for live view no light gets to the sensor.


Can you take a regular picture?

yes i can take a regular picture out of the eyehole but not in live view how do i flip the mirror upIMG_4296.JPG

Honored Contributor

It should just do it, you don't need to do anything special. It sounds like something is broken. Can you see through the "eyehole" when you are trying to do a movie?


I think the next step is to call Canon.