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Why is my Canon M50 so zoomed in?


I am new to photography and have a Canon M50. It has a 50mm lens with an adapter. I can't find any zoom or no zoom modes on the camera but whenever I am in a room I have to stand right back or I just tried to take a photo of a house by standing 15 metres back and I couldn't fit the house in the frame, then I take out my iphone and it fits everything in easily.

Is this common with mirrorless cameras? Do they zoom in? Is it the lens? Is it the M50? It renders the camera hard to use because in a normal sized room you have to stand right back and can't get much in the frame, same with trying to take a photo of a house.



A 50 mm fixed lens can't zoom. You need something like the EF-M 15 - 45, which will let you zoom and provide a much wider field of view than your 50mm.


Much depends on what you want to photograph.  It sounds like you are using the camera for something to do with real estate or architecture, based on your references to rooms and houses.  In that case what you want is the Canon EF-M 11-22mm lens that is specifically made for your M-series camera, or the EF-S 10-22, which you can use with your adapter.  You want as much wide-angle capability as possible but with some flexibility. This is what such a zoom lens provides, and these are good - I have one of each.
If you are doing real estate photography then I recommend a book out by Scott Hargis, who is one of the most renowned real estate photographers in the USA - it's called Lighting Interiors and you can get it as a PDF.

If this resolves your issues, please mark this series as resolved, so others will not continue to seek to resolve it.

cheers, TREVOR

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