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Which to buy T5i(700D) or T6i(750D)?


Hey everyone I've always wanted to buy a DSLR and get into photography and videography. From my little research I've concluded that either the t5i or the t6i will be the best for the function i want it(photos, videos/short films/vlogs) and is in my budget. I want the camera as my hobby, nothing professional. The t6i is obviously better than the t5i but for 150€ difference is it worth it more? I mean I'm a beginner after all and I've only shot with my phone, i dont know anything about aperture, shutter speed, iso etc. What do you guys suggest?



What is your budget to spend on a camera. Since these are older bodies. Canon no longer repairs them if they were to fail.


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On one hand, you could spend a small amount on an older DSLR and definiteliy begin learning.   B&H Photo is one reseller that has a new Rebel T7 for $400 as of this writing.  You could go for less expensive models, but they'd either be refurbished or used.

On the other hand, thinking about things for the longer term, I would recommend the EOS R50 with 18-45mm lens.   This is currently $800.

If your budget would allow for it, I would definitely lean towards the EOS R50.

If you cannot yet afford that, I would then recommend to get the least expensive Rebel DSLR you can find.  However, please ensure to purchase from an authorized Canon reseller and hopefully there would be at least some type of warranty.   Then, continue to save up towards a newer camera that will take you much further into the the future.


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Keh Camera is a reliable site for buying and selling camera gear.

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