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What would be a nice upgrade from the 6D Mark I?


Hey folks,

I’m struggling on finding a replacement camera.

My friend is coming from Australia to Brazil and she offered me if I wanted her to bring something. I obviously thought about picking a new camera, but doing some research on YouTube and Google didn’t get me anywhere.

First things first, my main issue with the 6D is the focus system. I find so frustrating going to Lightroom after a photoshoot and seeing that the photo I most liked was super out of focus.

I always do the centre point method, but that’s far from perfect. And it’s exhausting having to take at least 4 pictures and then analyse each one to pick a good one. Also it’s not very easy to check in camera if the photo is well focused. 
By the way, I have a 50mm 1.8… and my photography style is portrait and small events.

Anyways, this issue has always been an important point for me and I really wanted to have a camera that pretty much always nail on focus.
So I thought of a mirrorless… Canon RP first because of its price obviously and because I could still rock a full frame. But as I was researching I read some negative comments, and either way it has a different mount so I would have to spend a significant amount of money in a 35mm or 50mm with an RF mount.

Ultimately I am considering the new 6D mark II with apparently has solved the focus issues… but it’s a DSLR and they always say a mirrorless is the future… I think about the long term, which camera will last longer?!

I really hope for some guidance, advices… anything!

Glad for all help.

Canon RP + 50mm 1.8 RF


You can adapt your current lenses to use an R series body if you want. You don't have to buy a whole set of new lenses. You can stay with a DSLR or go with mirrorless. Do you have a budget to spend on a camera. Is low light photography your primary issue. Do you use a speedlite when taking pictures. If so is the AF Assist Beam turned on. You could be missing focus because the AF Assist Beam IS NOT FIRING. What focus mode are you using One Shot, AI Focus or AI Servo.


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All of the questions Demetrius asked are helpful.  If your budget allows, I would consider a mirrorless body. If you were looking to augment an existing shooting system, I might suggest differently.  Since you are looking to upgrade, MILC is where you want to be from an investment perspective.   

You can choose either fullframe or APS-C.  What you choose can be influenced by intended use and shooting style.  Mirrorless is a game changer regarding AF performance and focus ability.  Even adapted lenses are well suited to mirrorless.  Your 50mm f1.8 lens wouldn't be my first choice for portraits on a FF body, but it could work nicely on a APS-C body with a FOV equivalent to 80mm.  Best portraiture lenses are typically 85-135mm.  Many use 70~200mm also.   

If you primarily shoot outdoor events, then an APS-C body could also bode well.  Fullframe can offer greater flexibility in no flash lower light situations.  So it really comes down to budget and where you see yourself using the camera most.  What can help you achieve those goals, in conjunction with getting as much versatility as possible.

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An EOS R6 would be a good upgrade from the EOS 6D and keep things full-frame.   Agree with Rick though that 50mm is not the best choice for portraits.  Unless you're always doing say 3/4 or full body.  For half-body and especially headshots, you'll get far less distortion of facial features if using at least an 85mm lens.   My personal favorite focal length for portraits is 135mm.

As mentioned, you can use your existing EF lenses with an R-series mirrorless camera.  Over time you can then look at purchasing RF lenses.


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