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What are the best lenses for EOS M200 for landscapes?


Hi there!  Total beginner here!  My husband, kids and I overland often and I was gifted a Canon EOS M200 a year or so ago and I’m just now busting it out to take photos on our overlanding trips.  What are the best lenses for the EOS M200 for landcapes?  



Look into the Canon EF-M 11-22mm F/4-5.6 IS STM lens. But keep this in mind that EOS-M/ the EF-M mount is on its way out. It is being replaced by APS-C RF Mount cameras. I wouldn't invest too much money into lenses. EF-M lenses CANNOT be adapted to RF Mount cameras or to EF/ EF-S Mount DSLR cameras either.


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Retired Gear: EOS 40D & Sigma 17-50mm F/2.8 EX DC OS HSM


What lens or lenses do you already have?

Note that there will often be no single lens that would be "best" for any single genre.  It really depends upon what you want to capture.

If you like to take images where you can get a large amount of information in the photos and/or to exaggerate items in the foreground, wide angle lenses would be what to go for.

However, if you prefer to capture items far off, or have photos that help you isolate things, then telephotos lenses would be what to go for.

What I would recommend is find a web site where you can search on focal lengths (e.g. 500px).   Then, search on things like "landscape 24mm" and "landscape 200mm".  That should give you an idea of what images will be like at wide angle and telephoto respectively.   Which do you prefer?


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Given what we know of this format, My approach is from a practical / functional perspective.

Canon EF-M lenses FL coverage is 11 ~ 200mm.

The body comes bundled with a 15-45mm.  I'd pair it with a EF-M 55-200.  This gives the broadest FL coverage knowing your best aperture is f3.5.  Minimal investment.  If the absolute goal is widest angle then the 11mm gives your FOV another 22* (degrees), but you would probably always need to use the flash in low light.

If you want to embrace this format further, then the 22 or 32mm primes offer f2 and f1.4.  (I'd only buy one).  I recommend a prime only because of the higher aperture they offer.  All of the other EF-M lenses are f3.5~6.3.  (There are only 8 Canon lenses).  Given the EOL status of this format, investing more heavily in this mount might not be practical.  While you can adapt others mounts to this body, EF-M lenses cannot be adapted to anything.  There are no new EF-M lenses in the current pipeline. For me, adapting lenses to this body defeats its ultra compact and lightweight appeal.  Body's come and go, but lenses are the real investment and what you might take forward to a new body.  We all have different needs, so please do what works best for your situation.

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