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Video recording stopped automatically


Hi everyone! When if i film videos, the length it will stop recording at varies, but it keeps saying "video recording has stopped automatically". Also, the white boxes on the right side of the screen fill up. I did some research on this about how the SD card is too slow for the quality (or something like that), and that I should be using a class 6 card or above, but I use a Lexar multi-use 8 GB class 10 card! I'm very confused, and would really appreciate some advice! Do I need a different card? Also the camera I have is the canon eos rebel sl1. Thanks! 



Help someone to help you.  Provide as many details as you can think of, because no one can see what what your camera is doing.

What model camera are you using?  What type of lens?  How long does it record before it stops?  How much memory is available both before and after you shoot video and it automatically  stops?  Etc.  Anything helps.

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The camera I have is the Canon Rebel EOS SL1. I am quite new to this, but I believe the lense is 18-55mm. The time it will let me record changes. I think the longest I have been able to record is about 7 minutes, which was a couple weeks ago, and since then I haven't been able to go past the 3 minute mark; sometimes it wil be only a couple of seconds, sometimes a couple of minutes. My camera is fully charged. I don't know if this matters, but to the right of the trash button, a red light keeps flashing, and sometimes it will stay red. As for memory available, before i record it has 2.46GB of used space, and 4.98GB of free space. I shot a video, waited for it to stop (which was about 56 seconds this time) and now the used space is 2.77 GB and free space is 4.67 GB. It's very strange because i did a couple of other practice recordings and they were ony 5-10 seconds long! Hope this clarified some info.



Hi samwich!


There is a great conversation about memory cards and your situation right here:


Also, we've found that there are many counterfeit cards that are being sold online, so if you haven't already, try a new good name brand memory card from a reputable online retailer or a local shop that is Class 6 or higher. You'll most likely have the best luck with a Class 10 card. 


If you continue to have problems, let us know!

I am using this SD card, and it's class 10 so I don't see why this would be the problem! 😞image.jpgSorry for the bad image quality!