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Video Noise with the T7


I'm pretty new to videography so I hope no one flames me to death for looking for answers here.


I got the T7 for streaming(on twitch)....yeah I know it's not really meant for that...but I did it anyway because I can work around the white focus box that doesn't go away and I didn't want to spend THAT much money when I'm not even sure what I'm doing yet. 


I'm using the video dial setting and to my knowledge, noise doesn't necessarily come from using higher ISO, but higher ISO just shows the noise that it present. Well I've seen videos of people talking about shutter speed and aperture and how that can cause noise as well. So I've fiddled with all those settings and still pretty much get noise no matter what I do. I've set it to 720p so can I get the higher framerate. I also am aware that a lack of light can cause problems, but I guess I'm a little confused on what is considered a 'low light' situation. Obviously I'm not outside, and there are no windows near the shot, but I've got two reflective umbrellas and two soft boxes right on me. Certainly that has to be enough. 


It's just kind a bewildering to me because I see other streamers with cameras that have similar or same video capability and yet they've got a squeaky clean picture. Most of them are using a Panasonic G7 or one of the Sony models though.


So I guess the bottom line is I need to figure out if the problem is me or the camera. I'm inclined to think it's me.


Edit: I'm using the HDMI out to a capture device. The EOS webcam utility gives too low resolution, and honestly the quality is bad too.



Yes, you are correct.  The camera is not designed to do what you're trying to do.  You can get rid of the white focus box by switching the lens to MF mode.


Noise comes from using higher ISO values.  I suggest you use a faster lens, or use additional lighting.  Also, you are comparing the performance of the basic entry level camera Canon sells with midrange models by other companies.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I'm actually using MF and it's still there. It's a thing on these apparently so I just end up moving it over and cropping it out since I don't need the entire frame anyway.


So yeah, I did some tests using the lowest possible ISO, which is 100 on this, and it would seem this would be the best way to make the noise go away. The problem is that in this room the amount of light needed to illuminate my face AND my green screen would have to be something that will probably destroy my optic the The two umbrellas and two soft boxes don't even make a dent. My setup is pretty unusual for a game streamer. I don't sit at a desk I actually have more of a small living room setup with the screen behind me. So I can't exactly put lights right in front of me because then I can't see the TV screen. Oh well....I'll figure something out. 

Use a faster lens.  Try one with a very low f/stop number, like f/2.8 or lower.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Ah yes, the lense I got was the standard 15-88mm that came with the camera. I imagine it's not the greatest as 4 was the lowest I could go on that I think.

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