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Vertical Banding on an OLD 5D


In the last shots I've discovered the issue.
My firmware is 1.1.1 (latest) and two years ago I had no problem.

Can you help me?


Firmwares problem?
Sensor damaged?
Electronics damaged?



Thank you!




My first thought is your display.  Not the 5D at all.  Certainly not a firmware issue.

How do you view and/or convert your shots?


"Firmwares problem?                        No
Sensor damaged?                             I doubt it.
Electronics damaged?"                      Maybe.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


How have you processed the image?
Seems like fixed pattern noise. It is visible on my 7D. Especially if I tonemap the image.

I have an email at my homepage under contact (kontakt) if you want to send the raw file to me.

I don't believe it is a display problem... on same calibrate display, all photos before 2014 don't show this issue

I applied one BW conversion and one curves levels
And, even on the raw file, the banding appears...

I'll send you a RAW file

I haven't got any yet. If your file is too big, use filedropper or sprend.

Give me 4 hours and I will be able to check at home.

This is a new shot (with a 100% crop image of the corner upper left), made a few hours ago.

The RAW FILE is here:


There's still the problem...

If that would have been my 7D, then I would have said that it was okey. But that is a 5D. I checked the pictures from my 5D and that one didn't have that pattern. Anyway, it is called fixed pattern noise.


Two things make your exposure "unperfect". You use wide aperture. The sensor can't collect all light at wide apterture. That means darker images and your 5D will boost your ISO around 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV without you knowing it. You can try to take another picture at f/4 and see if it helps.

The second thing is that your picture is 1 stop underexposed. Try ETTR.


I don't think you will be able to see the pattern at ISO 400. Always something...

Are you saying it's normal?

It is normal on a Canon 7D. Because of the link policy of this forum I suggest you search for 7D fixed pattern noise to find more people with the same kind of problem.

At Magic Lantern forum they write this about it:


FPN varies based on your camera settings (esp. ISO) and temperature, and it can also change slowly over time.


5D is an old camera, so maybe time to upgrade anyway? 6D doesn´t have that at all and no banding either. If not, I found that the noise reduction in Darktable hides the problem pretty good. I suppose you have the similar function.


Anyway, try exposure to the right and be aware of the ISO boost you get at wide apertures.

Actually, I want to add a camera body to 5d, and one of my choices was just the 6d...

Thank you for the help!

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