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Using A wired Remote on the R5


I wish to use a wired remote on my R5 for movies or photos on a tripod.  The book says to go to Menu Red # 6, and turn "Remote on" it is normally set to "Disable".  I have tried several units and nothing happens.  I even tried  a wired / wireless remote.  There has to be more settings but I cannot find anything ??  The remote plugs into the front bottom corner socket.




Sometimes Custom Programming of control buttons can interfere with remote wired shutter buttons” i.e. BBF.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

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I don't quite get what you are talking about. In the camera customizing heading, the red camera with dots underneath, there are only 5 pages. Connecting a remote shutter release like the Canon RS-80N3 should override the shutter button automatically when connected. I just tested it on an R5 and it does.


Sometimes Custom Programming of control buttons can interfere with remote wired shutter buttons” i.e. BBF.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Not quite clear on some things or what the issue is.  First, what specifically is the remote you are using?  Canon or off-brand? And specifically, is it wired or wireless?  (Even "wireless" remotes have their receiver plugged into the camera. ) And what do you mean by "red menu #6"?  Thanks!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi steinr98,

In still photography modes one thing to check is the drive mode on the camera. To use a remote the camera will need to be set to Timer/Remote Control drive mode. You can set the drive mode by pressing the M-Fn. button on the camera and then you will see a line of settings on the rear LCD. Select the drive mode and set it to one of the options with a stop watch icon. When it is set that way the camera will take a photo when you press the shutter button on the wired remote.

The menu option you mentioned is for wireless remotes like the RC-6 and the BR-E1 to start and stop movies. For wired remotes you typically need to change the shoot mode on the remote itself to start and stop movies. I do not see mention of what remote you are using. On a Canon remote the mode switch is typically on the side of the remote. If it has an option with a movie camera icon that is the one to select. If it only has a circle and number 2 option you would want to use the number 2 option.

Thanks for the info- I will try that when My Camera Is Returned!!  The camera quit focusing period- it would zoom in and out and never focus in any mode at any settings.  The camera is only a month old!!  Thanks for the info!!!  Sometimes the more you read or watch on U-Tube the more confused one gets!! Had a 7D II for a number of years but each model gets tougher!!  Thanks agaim!!!

I share your opinion. Some of these "issues" we are all having have more to do with a lack of information/clarity from Canon which contributes to "user error" (or perhaps more accurately, "user bewilderment").  I remember my first Canon camera, the FTb. Wonderful camera.  Read the instruction manual over and over and knew how it worked and what happened when I did what.... Fast forward to the R5 generation, and the problem is that while these cameras are so complex and can do so much more, the instructions barely scratch the surface and haven’t kept up with all the features.

Moreover, IMHO, it the "consequences buttons” and settings that are the real problem.  Bu that I mean, the instructions might tell you what a button or setting does, but not the consequences or impact on other settings or functions of the camera.  That, more and more, we (the users) are being foisted onto alternative non-Canon information sources - like forums, YouTube and the like - to find answers, that may or may not be appropriate solutions for our particular issue.  Going to YouTube or forums to explore how to take better images, or to learn proper photography techniques is one thing.  But to have to go to someplace else to learn how to use your camera is another.

 I personally have had more issues of things "working funny" or "not working" on the R5 than with any other camera I've owned, and a lot of it eventually comes down to some setting I had set that was interfering with another setting or function...  One time (without going into details) a RC-6 remote unit focusing problem ended up being related to a particular setting (you'd never guess it) that wasn't written anywhere, that a third level technician (I didn't know they went that high) also couldn't understand at first, but then took it upon himself to "play around with the R5" and based on his 3rd Level Technician knowledge, he did "figure it out" and got back to me....

I was deeply appreciative, but really? It took that much effort and that high a level of technician to "figure it out" and what was really turned out to be a basic setting issue?

In short, if you build technology into something, you’d better be able to explain it, not tell people “go figure it out from some other source.”

So I share your frustration.

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