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Use older flash on EOS Rebel T100


Can a Vivatar 283 flash be used on a Rebel T100?  I have o flash that is essentially brand new....never been used.  Is there an adapter?



If it has the center contact on the flash it can be used. But older flashes sometimes put a lot of voltage on the contact. You should see if you can find out.


Frankly, an old manual flash is more trouble than it is worth.

Thanks, that is kind of what I was thinking but didn't know if there was an adapter.  It is an excellent flash...just hate to lose it.  Thanks.

Your T100 probably has a hot shoe that does not have a center pin for flash sync. There is no way to use any older Manual flash because of this. Only newer ETTL flash units can be triggered using the hot shoe. 

 It has been said that Canon has been restoring the center pin on some of these models, but I haven't seen proof yet. 


Mike Sowsun

You are correct, that is why I was thinking..hoping actually...that there was an adapter. Thanks for the reply.

You can use a Wein optical flash trigger and use the pop up flash on the T100 (in manual mode to avoid the ETTL pre-flash!) to trigger the vivitar. You get the advantage of off-camera flash, too!

That would work!  Thanks for the information.