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Upgrading from a 40d


Hi all,

I know I'm way behind the curve and any newer DSLR will be an improvement but, I'm getting back into shooting and would like to upgrade my 40D. I'll be looking at used bodies for budget reasons.

I really like the feel of the body it's very similar to my all time favorite film body my elan 7e. I have the only ef-s lens I have is the 18-55 everything else is an EF lens.

I enjoy macro, general photography and I'd like to start shooting some video, that's the main reason for the upgrade.



You did not state a budget, so replies will be vague.


I recommend that you take a look at the Canon ONline Refurbished Store.  The cameras have a one year warrantee, but sell for 10-25% off of list price, or more when they have clearance sales.  Like right now.


I have bought used gear online from B&H and KEH.  KEH offers a 6 month warranty on used gear.  KEH seems to rate the condition of their gear conservatively.  There are other reputable sites, but those are the two that I have used.

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"I'm getting back into shooting and would like to upgrade my 40D."


The obvious choice would be the 90D. It is a s close to your ole 40D as possible with today's current crop of cameras.


"...I have is the 18-55..."


I am going to surmise it is an older version. So, an upgrade here is also warranted. If you really want to up your game check out the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens.

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