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Understanding The Canon R10 Autofocus?



I recently purchased the Canon R10 with the RF 100-400mm IS USM lens. I bought this camera for plane spotting. 

The viewfinder autofocus is completely different to the DSLR and it’s a little confusing. There is lots of different tracking etc when tapping the shutter button. 

I was practicing photos with the camera and noticed that when moving the camera when the aircraft was landing the photo was going a little blurry but not always. This is weird because the AF and Image stabilisation were both actually turned on. 

I used the manual and sports mode.

I don’t know why some photos were blurry when taking continuous photos with the aircraft moving (landing) when both the AF and image stabilisation were turned on. 

The AF was on the whole area and there were so many different options I was not sure which to choose….



Any advice would be great. 






Hello Alan

Thanks for explaining that and for all your photos, AI servo is always on to continuously AF. 

I used the exact same camera settings to take this photo, and this photo is not blurry? This is why I was a little confused. 
(Not sure why it looks blurry as it’s not blurry in the album)


I also was not already using BBF. I must be honest I have never used BBF and my other photos on my previous Canon camera were excellent. I basically always just told the shutter button for it to focus and then follow the aircraft and take the photo….

For aircraft taking off and landing you recommend TV mode right? As I already have the AF set to AI Servo I won’t need to change that. I just want to know what are the best settings to play around with for plane spotting. 

On my previous Canon camera I always used Manual or the Sports modes. Manual was excellent and I could move the camera so fast and no photos would be blurry. Now I bought this new camera and when I move the camera fast to another aircraft to capture that photo it goes blurry sometimes which is weird?




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