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Two T7s with black LCDs


Hi - 

I have two newish T7 cameras with dead LCD screens. The "DISP" button does nothing, nor does the Liveview or playback buttons. But the camera still shoots, and the display inside the viewfinder works. The autofocus sometimes seems to chirp a bit erratically, though, even when the switch is on MF.

On one of the T7s, the screen would light up intermittently, and it would work for a brief few moments before going black again. I used one of those brief windows to update my firmware from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0, and I daresay it seems to be fixed now? Fingers crossed!

But the screen on the other T7 never comes back on, so I can't update the firmware, because I can't see the menus. Is there something else I can try?

Thanks for any tips!



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You could update the firmware with the EOS Utility and a USB cable between the camera and the computer.

Before updating the firmware, have you tried the camera with no lens and no SD card installed?




Both with black screens is a remarkable coincidence.  

Respectfully.  Upgrading firmware on a camera that is questionable, not functioning as expected or that might have other issues is not recommended.  Very rarely does updating firmware have a positive result in a situation such as this.  If you can't see what's happening, this makes it an even riskier proposition.  Its likely the other camera got "fixed" if the camera was reset.  Since a T7 is worth about $287 used in great condition, please keep in mind you are basically experimenting.  I would try 5DIV's recommendation first, removing lens, accessories, etc.  I hope it works out.  

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