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Touch & Drag Autofocus: Change Active Area When Camera is Vertical?


Hello all. On my Canon R7, I have setup the Touch & Drag Autofocus to be only active in the bottom left corner of the screen to prevent accidentally moving the focal point while using the EVF. While this has worked wonderfully when holding the camera horizontally (as I normally do), using it vertically puts the active area in direct contact with my nose. I've looked through the menus and manuals, but I couldn't see an option for automatically changing the "Active Touch Area" when the camera is tilted. Is there indeed an option for this somewhere, or is this a Canon oversight?

Also, is it possible to use Touch & Drag while shooting with the LCD instead of the EVF? I find the LCD's direct "poke" to be slow and clunky in comparison.



Define two custom shooting modes.  One for landscape shooting.  One for portrait shooting.  I do not know if that setting is saved in custom shooting modes, but it is worth a try.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

All my custom modes are already designated, so this will not be an option. I take it by your response though that there is NOT a way to automatically re-orient the touch area?

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