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The R6 Mark II came out just in time


To preface this, initially I was very unhappy about the RF mount limitation for third party manufacturers. Why? Because I was looking to pick up an R7, and there just isn't a great selection of RF glass for APS-C sensors. Without third party could be years before there is a great selection. Thus, I had decided to go with Sony. Specifically, I was going to grab an A7IV.

Then, late last night, I got an email announcing the new R6. I checked it out, liked the improvements, found the range of glass available acceptable...and officially spent the cash to secure a pre-order this afternoon. Here's to hoping it doesn't take several years for Canon to perfect the RF mount tech and produce all the glass they would like to flesh out the RF offering!



Glad you have found a solution that works for you.   I have a couple of R6 and an R5, and I'm quite happy with those.  When lenses do you want to get for your R6II?

cheers, TREVOR

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At the moment, I have a Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM EF mount lense that will be used with it. Nothing special. Immediately, the R6mk2 is going to be used primarily for portraits and wedding sessions. I have a GoPro Hero 11 Black with a gravgrip v2 that will be used for video capture duty, and any wide-frame or extreme depth of field photos that need to be captured. It does a great job, but has obvious limitations. Heh...forget even attempting to induce any sort of bokeh into Gopro shots.

I'm still super new to this, but I am learning (hopefully quickly 😁). Up until very recently, all I had access to was my Samsung S10e using the Open Camera app to get pics and video. I have been working on learning DaVinci Resolve, and this just sort of evolved into a video and photo thing. My first attempt at capturing anything even remotely professional is this (done with my S10e)'s obvious I still have a long way to go, but I can't get there if I don't make the journey!