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T5 video questions

I have recently been messing around with my T5, trying to shoot in video mode and what not. I guess the video is all right, but yesterday I was filming at a park by a river and it was so bright that the picture was almost washed out.

I have been on YouTube and googling like crazy for the past few days trying to figure out how to get some good looking video with this camera. I know it’s possible.

From what I understand it’s best to use manual adjustments. However, I’m having difficulty navigating the menus and all that. Running around in circles.

I hit menu, selected manual exposure, and I’m lost from there. How do I manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture...for video?

And should I be using other lense filters and stuff too?



It is easier to learn to shoot video with a fully manual lens.  But, it helps to be good still photographer before you start shooting video.  Many videographers will take a few stills of the scene before they record video, if at all possible.  It helps them get an idea of what exposure settings to use.  And, it also helps in setting White Balance, and getting color reproduction correct.

As for your immediate problem, try taking photos in Manual shooting mode with ISO set to Auto.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

So is there a way to actually adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture manually for video?

The T5?

I can adjust the ISO (using the Q button) but that’s about it I think. I have no idea how to change f-stop or shutter speed.

Do I make these adjustments in manual mode (‘M’ on the dial) and they work for shooting video? Or is that only for photo?

The T5 is not well suited for video.  One by one, you are encountering all of the reasons why one would want to use a fully manual lens when shooting video.  Take a look at Rokinon Cinema lenses.  My first was the 14mm T3.1, and I love it.  


In a way, you do not really want to adjust ISO on the fly, as you record video.  Changing the ISO can result in sudden jumps in the apparent brightness of an image.  The same is true when adjusting aperture while recording video.  For this reason, cinema lenses have a “declicked” aperture ring, so that you can continuously adjust it, instead of changing in discrete steps.


As far as adjusting exposure with the T5, this seems to be done by the camera.  You have no control over it, AFAIK.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

First, thanks for the replies. I honestly didn’t think I would get much feedback so quickly.

Now, would you suggest that Rokinon cinema lense for the T5?

I watched a couple test videos on YouTube of the 14mm lense. It doesn’t look too bad.

According to the T5 user's manual...

on page 156...

...You should be able to adjust manual exposure settings for shooting video. I'd start out with maybe 1/60 sec. shutter speed and adjust aperture and ISO to suit your lighting conditions. The exposure settings should be the same as you'd use for still shooting under the same lighting conditions.


Your present lens should work well enough to get you started and for some experimentation.