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Syncing my EOS Rebel T7 with my iPhone


I got a rebel T7 camera back in December. At the time I didn’t know much about my camera so I changed my images to Raw on the camera and have been using the canon connect app to import the images from the camera to my phone so that I can use iCloud to sync with my devices

I have now connected my camera to my computer only to realize that the pictures that have been importing to my phone are not the raw images but the JPG file instead.

I have been importing the images to my iPhone and been deleting all the bad ones thinking they were raw

Do I now need to manually sync 6000 pictures?



Is your camera set to only capture RAW, or are you capturing RAW+JPEG?

You'd ultimately need to have a RAW converter on your iPhone if you wish the view the RAW images on that device.  I don't have any experience in doing this myself, so cannot recommend and apps.

In my opinion, having a computer is currently the easiest way to manage RAW images.   I personally use Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom (which use Adobe Camera RAW for the RAW converter).   I have an external drive attached to my Mac that stores all my photos (Lightroom catalog plus Apple's Photo app library).  The former for managing all images taken with my DSLR (which I import via card readers) and the latter to manage all photos taking on our family iPhones (synced when I attached the devices to my Mac to back them up).

Another attached drive takes hourly backups.  And monthly, I update an offsite backup.   I have far too many photos to store on iCloud, so don't back up there (and due to throttled upload speeds, it would take around 144 hours to upload it all anyhow).


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Actually the iOS version of Canon Connect does allow you to import RAW photos from your camera if RAW images are being captured.  I hope at some point this can be added to Android as well.  



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