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Suggestion - 5D3 minimum shutter speed for auto ISO


Hi, I would like to make a suggestion to Canon on the 5D3 camera, with regard to the minimum shutter speed for auto ISO. Currently I find that most of the selectable shutter speeds are on the low side (mostly below 1/125), and this may not be useful for handheld photography, or for fast moving subjects. I would like to suggest the following:


- More minimum shutter speed settings faster than 1/125 including in-between speeds e.g. 1/160 (between 1/125 and 1/250)

- Automatic shutter speed based on a multiple of lens focal length e.g. 2x lens focal length (for both prime and zoom lenses)


I hope that Canon can come up with an updated firmware that does this. Thanks.


Absolutely support this idea: mark3 needs minimum shutter speed setting in auto mode. I took recently the camera and 24-105IS for wedding and after close inspection I found many shots blurred. Not because of handshake but objects motion. The chance to have motion blurred image on 40-50 mm focus length or less is quite high even on social events such as wedding.


Not only that, but in manual settings you cannot use auto ISO with a shutter speed above 1/250.


Good idea, you can add it to the thread "Firmware Update Wishlist", and "Canon dSLR Wish List?" because a proper, configurable, flexible auto ISO is much needed and would beneficiate all cameras, not only 5D3.


I am not sure what Magic Lantern can give you on that issue, but you can take a look at their page.


Now, as a short term solution, on 1D4 I have put the cfns for 'shutter speed range' and 'iso speed range' in MyMenu, and when I need I change the max ISO (usually 1600) and a min shutter seepd (depends on lens and subject) on the fly. Not very practical (many button push needed), but it works.


I hope that helps



Yes, I have added this to the firmware wish list