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Silent Shutter


Can anyone tell me which Canon DSLRs offer the silent shutter option wherein the mirror's speed is reduced for both its upward and downward travel?


I just watched a video of a side x side comparison between a 6D and Leica M6. The 6D in silent mode was considerably quieter than the Leica. To me, this is a profound deal-maker.



I had experience with the M6 a long while ago, and have a 6D now. I doubt the 6D is quieter than the M6. Even if you lock the mirror up in the 6D, I think the M6 is still quieter.


If you go with something like the Fujifilm X100 series, then I think you'd have something quieter on the Canon 6D. Or perhaps the new Canon R-series cameras which don't have mirrors. I haven't tried any of the Canon R yet so i don't know for sure.


"I doubt the 6D is quieter than the M6."



Thank you for the video.

I've just played with my 6D in the "silent mode", while it's quieter than the normal mode, the sound of the mirror alone going up and down is more distracting, in my opinion.


I think all Canon EOS cameras made since about 2012 have a "Silent Shutter" drive mode option. Some cameras Silent Shutter are quieter than others though. 

My 5D Mk III is much quieter in Silent Shutter mode, while my SL1 and 80D are just a little quieter. 

With the Mirrorless cameras like the EOS R, you can switch to electronic silent shutter which is virtually silent. 

Mike Sowsun

"I think all Canon EOS cameras made since about 2012 have a "Silent Shutter" drive mode option."


Not here in the bargain nasement with my T7. I'm a digital noob so I started out cheap, waiting to see if my old passion for pix from the film days still lived. It does so now I'm looking to upgrade and more than anything besides sharp lenses, I cherish quiet cameras for candid shooting.


I used to "detune" my focal plane shutters by slacking the tension of their shutter drum springs. I see

Canon has applied the same approach to mirror travel with Silent Shutter i.e., soften the hit.


My next camera will be a DSLR with the best application of Silent Shutter I can afford.

Thanks for your reply.