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Should I buy the canon r8


So I've always been into photography, started out with the 50d and absolutely loved that camera and got really good photos with it as I learned. I decided to give mirrorless a try and went with the sony a5100 and then soon after the a6000 that I currently have. I absolutely hate the camera and it turned me away from photography. Constant problems, very small body, and overall I don't like the sony system as it feels weird to me. It's almost like the sony system turned me off from photography with all the problems ive had and missed photos. I'm really eyeing up the canon r8, it seems perfect for what I like to do (business, landscape, cars, etc). So do I pull the trigger on the r8 and hope it lights the fire back in me?



In this case, I'd strongly recommend renting the EOS R8 to see if it will fit your needs.


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Not happy with your Sony, I'm not surprised.  The a6000 is 8 yrs old in comparison to the R8.  Keep in mind you won't be able to use any of your e-mount lenses, so this should be factored in to your purchase decision.  The R8 is slightly larger, and has a bit more heft.  Performance wise the R8 is far superior.  This is to be expected due to age, but also because of the R8's full frame sensor.  Its 4K video is excellent.    

The R8's strengths are landscapes, portraits and vlogging.  It has good AF and ISO performance, but isn't as good for sports or fast moving subjects.  I'm not comparing it to the a6000 here, just pointing out some of its stronger suits.

I like Ricky's suggestion.  Have you held an R8?  What type of photographer are you?  The R8 lacks some of the more advanced controls an advanced amateur or enthusiast might appreciate.  If you mostly want to point and shoot with decent manual control / flexibility, the R8 is fantastic.  If however, you appreciate more control then a more advanced body might be a better decision for you.  Again, Ricky's suggestion makes great sense.  

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I would also strongly support renting the R8 and lenes and make sure it does what you want before shelling out a lot of money for a new camera setup.  Make sure you are happy with what you pick before buying it.