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Reset Canon 70d wifi password?


I don't remember my wifi password for my Canon 70d, is there a way to view it or reset it?



You need a copy of your instruction manual.


Start typing your camera model number in the box, and click on the model number when it appears in a list.  This should take you to the support page for your camera, where you download software, firmware, and manuals. 


There is also a special link named "wireless help".

"The right mouse button is your friend."


On the 70D menu, there is a wireless there, it will tell you the password among other things.  There is a separate wireless instruction manual that you should consult.

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I had to reset my phone’s settings, so I lost my connection to my camera. I was perplexed trying to find the password. Finally I found how to reset the Wi-Fi and then be given a new password.

Select Wi-Fi function > And then on the ‘Connection’ screen, select Exit. Don’t just *exit* the screen by hitting menu or *back*. Actually select Exit on the touchscreen or highlight Exit with the directional buttons and press the *enter* button.

On ‘Exit wireless LAN function’ screen, select Ok.

Now press the ‘Info’ button to enter General settings. (Or make selection on screen.)

Now you can choose ‘Clear Wi-Fi settings’ , select Ok.

Once you do that you can then select ‘Wi-Fi function’ again, select ‘Connect to smartphone’, and follow the prompts to create a new “camera Wi-Fi”, in which you can then be given the password during the creation process.