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Replacement 7D Mark II mode dial cover



My 7D Mark II body somehow got loose from the 70-200 and fell to the ground. The mode dial cover came off and for the life of me was not able to find it anywhere nearby. Now I need a cover. The mode dial itself seems OK. Looking around the internet, I can't seem to find mode dial cover for the 7D Mark II. There seem to be plenty for the 5D Mark III and the classic 7D, but nothing for the 7D Mark II.


Does anyone know where I can buy this cover? I called Canon and the best they can do is replace the whole dial for upwards of $250.


Looking for this, but for the 7D Mark II:

[link removed per forum guidelines]





Me too, though no "abuse" or explaination. In fact, until reading otherwise here, I thought it must have clipped on some way, as there was absolutley no residual glue or other indication of attachment. This morning it was just "gone". Maybe this is something that Canon needs to step up and speak to.


In anycase, to the OP, a search on eBay for "Canon 7D mark ii mode dial" yielded several suppliers (one from the US).  I picked the cheapest one ($14.24) as, for me, shipping from China usually only takes a few more days than California.


I'm a long time user of Goop. There are several different "kinds" according to the labels, but I have yet to find one that had any different properties/appearence from any of the others. When the time comes, I'll use a toothpick to apply a couple carefully placed dabs. Keep it well away from that center push button....


Thanks to the OP and the other commentors.

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