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Rebel XS won't fire while using auto focus


I've had this Canon RebelXS  for awhile and it's always been a good little camera. I upgraded recently to a T3I and I'm glad I did because now my XS is not working. The problem I'm having seems to be with the autofocus. I can get the camera to focus on a subject, but when I press all the way down on the shutter button it does not fire (it acts like its busy an a light flashes in the viewfinder). I have tried multiple lenses so that's not the issue. I can get the camera to fire if I switch the lens to manual focus mode or if I switch the AF mode to AI Servo. My best guess is that something just broke in the camera and I'm SOL unless I take it to be repaired, because I'm guessing its an enternal issue with the camera. But if anyone knows any way to save my baby I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!