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Rebel T7 stops recording after 12 minutes


Hi all, I’m very new to the camera world and bought this brand new rebel T7 in March to start in photography. I realize this camera is not a “video” camera necessarily, but I need to use its video capabilities to record small presentations. I’ve read online that this camera should stop recording after about 30 minutes of video time, however, my camera seems to automatically stop at 12 minutes. It was full battery and had full storage. The videos recorded were about 2gb each before the camera stopped. I had to start recording again halfway through the presentation. Is this a setting issue? Is there anything I can do to fix this and extend it to the full 30 minutes? Thanks



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Sorry to learn you are having issues.   You say you have read on-line: gave have you got the Users Manual to refer to as well?   It holds a lot of information that is a good reference for your camera's setup, operation and limitations.
Here is a link to the PDF that you can download: eos-rebelt7-1500d-im2-en.pdf (   You might find some useful information on P169 of the manual.

The first question is how big in capacity is your memory card? 
Is the memory card a micros SD with adapter, or a full-size unit?

cheers, TREVOR

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Hi Trevor, I’ll take a look at the manual and see if anything helps. I have a 128g micro SD with an adapter.


Are you sure it was not 4 GB?


Did you get any temperature warnings?

Have you low-level formatted the card in the camera?


Yes, after I put together all 3 segments of the video, it totaled to 4.9 GB meaning each section was less than 4. No temp warnings, just a message like “video has stop recording automatically”. Would setting my movie recording size to 640x480 allow for longer video time? And would this movie size be acceptable to upload the video to YouTube?