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Rebel 7 color wrong and not crisp


I just upgraded from the rebel 3 to the 7 and I am disappointed.Hoping I didnt make a huge mistake with this purchase. In AUTO mode, photos are not crisp and the color is not accurate. Appears warmer than it really is and photos have a graininess to them. The 3 gave me much clearer, and color accurate photos. I took the new lens from the 7 and used it on the old 3 and the pictures were much better. Any advice?



I assume you mean the T7i?


The difficulties you describe are all over the board and that suggests you just need to learn the new camera better. The T7i is a much better tool in every way than the T3 or T3i so it is not likely a case of faulty equipment. 


As for sharpness the autofocus sustem on T7i is much more complex. Until you learn to use it try selecting only the center AF point to be active and placing it over what you want in focus instead of letting the camera choose half a dozen points from the 45 AF points and deciding what to focus on. 


Also learn how to control your depth of field in focus using your aperture.   Stop down to a higher f/number to get more of the photo in focus when you have more light to work with. You have to get out of AUTO to do this. Start with P mode but move on to aperture priority (Av) mode.  


Warmth is a white balance issue. Auto white balance will not always work. You can try to remember to change the white balance as you walk around through different lighting conditions (e.g.: sun, shade, fluorescent lights, incandescent bulbs, cloudy, etc....) but I never remember to do that and sometimes even that won't work. Shoot in RAW instead. In RAW you retain all the digital information in your photos so you can adjust white balance in post processing all you want. Shooting JPG's the camera makes a decision on white balance then throws away the extra data, committing you to live with those choices. You can only adjust white balance a little in a JPG before you get weird messed up images. Same with your exposure.  


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Hi, Thank you for your response. Yes the t7i is the model that I have. My old canon rebel camera was great in auto mode. I really didnt have to do much of anything to get great clear photos. So I was expecting the same with this one. However with the number of options and settings on this camera, perhaps I need to just learn to use it differently! Another poster mentioned shooting in RAW. I tried that and opened it using the canon software. Saw where it an be edited etc. Im stuck on what to do after you have edited it. Does it have to then be put in a different format for printing, online sharing etc?


Thanks so much for all your help!


How are you judging color? Is your monitor calibrated?


Nothing in the previous posts really means anything except for some good general info.  If you use the same monitor to judge both cameras that isn't the cause either. In full auto, you really don't have the opportunity to change anything.


Like Scotty, I am guessing you actually have the T7i ?

However we need way more info on what you are shooting and exactly how you are using it.  

The only way to test it is with the exact same settings.  Shooting the exact same subject and at the exact same time.  Hopefully with the exact same lens, too.



BTW, if you bought the T7i with any of the newer STM lenses, you got a very much better lens than your old Rebel had.

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If he adjusted the monitor to make the T3 images look good, the T7i images might look different.

I agree but the OP needs to be looking at the same, same.  Keep all settings the same.  Then he will know if it is the camera or the monitor.  Keeping your params exact is the key.

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First thing I thought of reading the thread was has it been set to Adobe RGB while the other camera is set for sRGB. Do the file numbers start with an underscore? As in _mg

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Hi, So on my old camera I'm looking at the file number and this is what it looks like IMG_5736. The new camera saves like this
2017-10-18 11.41.10.
Does that mean something?

No that is just the naming convention.  You can change that and perhaps you did.  Possibly without knowing it?


I suggest you not shoot Raw to start with.  It is a proprietary file format that must be converted to a unable format.  Like a jpg or png.  There is no doubt that Raw is the best format to use but it is best because of the enhanced editing that can be done.  If you are ready to learn post editing then by all means go for it.  Until then keep using large jpg formant.


Maybe you have some other setting off a bit?  You might be well served to reset the camera to defaults.  Good idea to reset both cameras!  Now let's start from the get go.  Both cameras are set alike and to full auto.  The lens in AF mode.  Try some shots of the same subject. Preferably outdoors on a beautiful day.  Now check the results.

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