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R8 overheats quickly streaming 4K over HDMI. Anything I can do?


I've been running dual system for a while, with an R5 and an A7C. One thing I use the A7C for heavily is streaming/teleconference, running 4K HDMI output to an Elgato. It seems to be able to do this indefinitely. I had hoped to combine my kit by subbing an R8 for the A7C, but the camera is overheating after about 40-50 minutes. This is indoors at room temperature with no sunlight. I need two hours to even consider this setup viable, and right now this is a dealbreaker. Is there anything I can change that will allow me to run for long stretches, without stepping down to 1080?



Do you absolutely need 4K?

These cameras, while they do have video features, do not provide those features as a primary function.  You'd be much better off with dedicated video equipment. e.g. Canon's cinema cameras to include the EOS C70 and EOS R5C which have built-in cooling.

If you don't need large sensors (Super 35 or larger), consider also looking at various camcorders.


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