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R6 face focus problem - focusing on something else


Hello, I'm using my R6 with a canon 24-70mm 2.8.

I filmed someone talking in an office and the focus was supposedly locked to their face, but the face was out of focus and what was actually in focus were his hands, that were closer to the camera. You could see the square tracking the face, but the actual focus was always wrong. When switching to manual focus, the square would go green when I actually focused on his face.

We moved to an outdoor location (so it was brighter), and the same thing happened with auto-focus. At times it would focus on his face, but 80% of the time it was focusing on the hands, even though the face was being tracked. I tried face and also eye focusing on both situations with no luck.

Any idea what could be happening? Thanks in advance for any help.



we would need to know more about your shooting conditions, AF settings, and your lens.  It would also be beneficial to see a video sample or frame grab, so that we can understand the position of the hands relative to the face.

How did you set the initial focus on the face in the first example you described?  Did you alllow the camera to find the face and lock onto it?

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