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R6 autofocus not working well


I’m shooting with a strobe, settings all correct ie shutter iso aperture… i have a big window in my studio so it’s dim not dark, and the modeling light… i can’t get the autofocus to but my studio isn’t dark… I shouldn’t have trouble.  I shout newborns so I use the spot focus since face finder is spotty with their mushy faces.  Is there something I can do to help improve this?

I had same issues with mark iv, so I’m wondering if it’s servo or another setting I have that is causing this?



Spot AF.  Okay.  Have you tried any of the other AF modes?

I do not know what “not working well” specifically means.  So, providing you with a specific solution is not possible.  Can you provide a better description of your issues?  Can you post an example of your issue?

How could I recreate your shooting scenario?  What lens are you using?  What is your distance to your subjects?  Are you using a tripod?  Are you using Ohe Shot or AI Servo?  What is your shooting and metering modes?  Which AF point are you using for Spot AF?  

BTW, I think 1-Point / Spot AF and Face Tracking are mutually exclusive.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I’m shooting strobe so the settings to the camera for shutter have to be 200… f2.8 iso ~125 35mm. Newborn photography no tripod, within a few feet from subject or closer. I believe I have it set to one shot, will double check when home.  The spot af works 60 % of time.l the other 40 it has a hard time identifying the subject and won’t focus… it just continues to refocus.  It’s not so dark that it should be struggling to latch onto my subject.  I have a huge window and the modeling lamp. Hope that’s more helpful.  

There are still a whole lot of empty blanks that need to be filled in.  I assume that you cannot post an image of a baby.  But, an image of anything that demonstrates the issue would be helpful.

Let’s assume that your observing the MFD of the lens, Minimum Focus Distance.  Let’s also assume that you using the center AF point, which I assume could be the only AF point that works with Spot AF.

According to my chart, if you are shooting “from a few feet away” at f/2.8 with a 35mm lens, then your DoF could range from 2-6 inches or so.  If you are shooting handheld, then your AF Mode, One Shot or Ai Servo, can either work for you or against you.  In either case, you will need to be fairly still in order to lock focus properly.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

You are correct, can’t post pic of client however post processing and image results are not my issue… it won’t let me take the picture as it’s not locked onto the subject.  I use various focal points depending on the set up.  I was wrong… camera was set to ai servo.  It’s not about minimum distance as hand motion isn’t the issue.  Once af spot Latches on I get a crisp pic. It’s the trouble of some times it’s refusing to “latch” onto my subject.  

Also I should say if I had someone turn on my regular overhead lights when the camera won’t lock onto subject it would then have no problem locking on.  Its the dim lighting however it’s not that dim in my studio so it shouldn’t be doing this… 1 entire wall in  My studio is a window it’s north facing so I’d call it dim but not dark.

Did you find a solution? I have exactly the same problem when photographing newborns, it’s unbelievably frustrating so I can sympathise with you!