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R5 shutter lag


Hi canon. I bought an r5 for about a year and have been using it for fashion, advertising and landscapes, so slow and posed stuff. For other things I use the r to throw it everything and a 90d because I favour dslrs (saving for a 5div). But now I have decided to bring the r5 to my recent personal project Im working on that involves shooting people candidly living their lives in a challanging low light scenario without me interfering, so capturing moments that happen casually and expressions. Im beeing disapointed when I use the r5 because im missing those moments and facial expressions. What the camera photographs is not close to what is happening when I press the shutter and I know, although I dont use the high refresh rate on the evf, that its not evf lag, because I tested with both eyes open and it performs very well, so does the af. I know every camera has some kind of delay but I dont have so many of this issue with my other bodies. Although not a scientific test, I find the r to outperform my r5. The light is low, for you to have an idea of the conditions, when using the 100f2.8 macro i shoot shutter speeds between 50 and 80 (unless when I want to drag the action), f 2.8, and my iso is around 32000 and even the max 51200. Also, as it is a bar with the light constantly changing I use auto iso very often in this project, something I never did and never do out of it, dont know if it has something to do with it. I also dont use eye or face detect so this must not be the problem, just single point one shot af. Do you think it is a faulty camera and I better send it for repair? Thanks for your time.



“What the camera photographs is not close to what is happening when I press the shutter and I know, although I dont use the high refresh rate on the evf, that its not EVF lag,”

I am uncertain what you’re trying to say here.  It sounds like you saying that you’re experiencing some sort of delay that does not exist.  ???  Is there a shutter delay timer enabled?

I would suggest resetting the camera back to factory defaults.

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Hi there thanks for your reply. No the timer is not activated. Sorry for the way i say things english is not my native language. Its like i press the shutter when someone is with their mouth closed, then he or sshe starts to talk and the image appears with their mouth open. Once again I know its normal camereas having this kind of delay but on my r5 it seems too much when compared to the r, wich I didnt notice anything like on the r5, even after some testing with both cameras the r seems to fire the shutter much faster.

What AF mode are you using?

Which AF point(s) are you using?

Try resetting the camera back to factory defaults, too.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes I ll try it out thanks. The af is single point one shot. Af point both normal and small (my preferred) sizes both giving me the issue. I dont have complaints about the small size even in this scenario, at least not on the r, but since Im not happy with the r5 Im sticking with the normal size giving the light conditions.



I agree.  I read twice trying to ascertain what he is describing.

@HBC, the camera isn't firing because AF or metering is struggling to gain focus?

Please tell us more about the "delay"?  

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Hello and thanks for replying. Like I said on the above reply english is not my native language, so please excuse some confusion. Its not missfocus because to be honest the r5 is a beast focusing even in very dimm light. Its like pressing the shutter when someone has his mouth closed, then the person starts to talk and appears with his mouth open on the image. Every camera has some kind of delay I know but it looks like even the r is faster, as I tested both bodies on the same scenario and didnt note anything strange on the r, but with the r5 i keep noticing this delay all the time. After digging a lot over the internet, i read somewhere that theres a problem with auto iso in low light that causes evf stutter. I dont exactely know what that is but although i dont notice anything with the evf must be related

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From the supplied info, it sounds like it's just focus delay. An exposure of f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 51,000 is equal to EV 0. A R5 is rated for auto focus down to EV-6 , but that is when using a f/1.2 lens.  At F/2.8 the lower cut off is EV -3.  Working at that low a light level in a possible low contrast bar portrait situation could very well result in some slow focus "hunting" resulting in a noticeable delay.

To the OP:  if you take a second shot immediately after focusing on a non-moving subject do you experience the same delay?  Also, at very low light levels there may be additional delay for IBIS to stabilize.  Have you tried turning off IBIS to see if it has any effect on the delay?

Hello thanks for the reply. Im pretty shure its not a focus delay, in fact I dont have any problems focusing in this kind of light with the r5, unless the camera lies and dont aqquire focus when the focus point turns green. I dont own a f1.2 lens but I use the 50 1.8 very often with the same results. Sorry but if it is a non moving subject there s no way I can tell if there is any delay or not 😄. Now you mention this with the ibis, will definetly try it out, i didnt know the ibis behaved that way, must be a reason because I dont notice that on the r. I also digged over the internet and after creating this thread I found someone saying there is a problem on the r5 with auto iso in low light that causes evf stutter, although I dont notice anything strange with evf, can very well be related because it indeed matches my shooting conditions.

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