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R5 + RF100-500 = camera freezes


Hi Canon Crowd,


Wondering if anybody experienced this.

I was shooting a scissor-tailed flycatcher in TX, warm weather around 85F, and the camera started acting funky.

It was freezing like every minute or so, countless times. Every time it restarted by itself wihin ~10 seconds after freezing. I pulled a battery a couple of times but it didn't solve the problem. Luckily I didn't miss anything but the whole experience was very annoying.

I was shooting in the full electronic mode, and my battery level was around 3 (out of 4) bars.

The camera and the lens are running the latest fimrware (1.3.1 and 1.0.9).

I've seen a few of lock ups in the past (mostly with the 200/2 via an adapter), but it wasn't that bad.


I'm wondering if it's a common problem and/or I should contact CPS?





The first two days there were warnings flashing, which upon reading were caused by the video settings in my custom settings. Canon CPS cleared my Custom Functions when I had the camera repaired. They changed the main board and the EVF board. I have not since had the overheating warning you spoke of, but the problem persists that the camera freezes at least once per waterpolo game I shoot. Games are outdoors, and yesterday, temps were only in the 70's. Sometimes the freezing happens well into the game, like maybe the 4th period. Other times it occurs very early in the contest. Multiple SD Cards and Batteries.

Will end up returning to CPS again, but will wait until there is some downtime in my sports shooting. I've never had this issue with my 1Dx, which I can always go back to shooting, but seems such a waste to have a 45meg camera sitting in the safe cuz of the freezing problem.


I think I can testify that this is unlikely to be a overheating problem as my R5 locked up several times without any warning at below freezing ambient temps and not during high-speed shooting. For those who say it is a problem with a "certain brand of CFExpress memory cards", it would be nice to say which brand. I use SanDisk.


I am having this issue too. Not often. When it happens, I am using AF eye, back button focus, high speed drive, waiting to track a bird in flight. I turn off the power, turn it back on and it works again. I am using Sony 128Gb CF card. I amusing latest firmware and the 100-500 RF lens.

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