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R5 FTP Workflow on location


I am trying to work out a workflow for on-location FTP uploads during a shoot.

Has anyone tried this, and what are the steps for a smooth, good workflow.

Some of the thoughts I've been having about implementing this ...

The shoot is a sports (wrestling) event/competition.

I have a need to FTP images from R5 to an FTP site which I've already setup at a site hosted by GoDaddy, which the client has an ftp login to, jailed to their own directory so they only have access to images I FTP there.

Am I able to selectively ftp certain images at some point during the shoot?  Like, between sessions or during a break from shooting the clients athletes?  The clients' athletes will be competing all day, sometimes only one at a time, other times when 2-3 may all be wrestling at the same time.

The client will want a small sampling, 3-6 images, from each session of competition.

I'm not really keen on the idea of setting up auto-FTPing each and every image while shooting.

The venue's wifi will be available and quite reliable.

Am I able to rate/choose images in-camera to FTP?  Can that be automatic?  As in, I use the back of the camera to choose 3-6 images, rate/choose them, and they get FTP'd to the site automagically?

Although I will have my laptop at the venue, it will not be on the competition floor with me while shooting.

I have connectivity from R5 to my cell phone, with Lr and Ps on the cell phone.  But it seems like that is just another potential stumbling block from getting images to the FTP site.  And, so why not just FTP directly from R5 to the target FTP site.

I always shoot RAW on the CF card, and JPG on the SD card, and would only upload the chosen JPg images, unprocessed.

I'm new to this idea of providing images near-real-time to the client so any and all input is greatly appreciated.




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