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R5 Blurred photos


I've had my R5 for several months, and most of my photos are soft/blurry.  Even photos that I think are sharp, when I look at them with Photoshop, I can see that they aren't.   I have a 5DMkIV and 7DMkII that I have been using at the same time to compare images--they both do a better job getting sharp photos than the R5--even when I look at them with photoshop.  I have read a lot about problems with the R5--I have changed the back button focusing setting (released from shutter) and set eye-focus to the star button.  I shoot with the 100-500mm lens on the R5, and the 100-400LmmII lens on my 5DMkIV (often with the 1.4 teleconverter), and I shoot handheld.  I'm an experienced nature photographer, and I have been shooting handheld in the field for more than 6 years.  It seems to me that if the R5 has in camera image stabilization, and my lens has IS, then I should have sharper photos with the R5+100-500L lens.  Is there something I am missing??  I have also updated to the latest firmware on the R5, and my lens is also updated to the latest firmware.  I have had other issues with the camera as well--some seem to be resolved or at least happen less often after updating the firmware to 1.5.2.  I have had the camera freeze up and had to removed the battery to get it to work.   This has been very discouraging and disappointing.  I am at the point of sending my camera to Canon to have it checked out--please advise.


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I had one instance when I was shooting indoors and handed my R5 to my brother to shoot photos while I took videos with my 5DmIV.  When I spot checked his pics, many were blurry and it took a while for me to figure out what was going on.  The top dial on my R5 was configured to adjust ISO and I mostly shoot auto ISO.  However, he knocked the top dial and it got out of auto ISO mode and stuck at ISO 100 and in Av mode, the camera slowed the shutter speed to compensate.  This caused a lot of my indoor images to be blurry.  In hindsight, I should have shot video with the R5 and had him shoot photos with the 5DmIV (was trying to minimize shutter click noise in a quiet indoor event).


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Thank you, jaewoosong, for your quick response.  Since I shoot birds mostly, I use the AV mode and set my ISO high enough for the lighting/movement of birds--rarely if ever do I use auto ISO.  I check my settings on my camera often, and I have been "studying" 🙂 them especially when I edit them to make sure it's not a shutter speed issue when they are soft.  I never shoot video--just stills.  Thank you!!

Though you set the ISO to a specific value, the top dial can easily be knocked and adjust your ISO lower/higher than expected.  I think default setting for that dial is ISO.  To be sure, you can make sure that top dial (with mode button) is disabled in customize dials menu setting.  That dial wasn't there in 5DmIV and for whatever reason when I wear a neck strap, that dial gets knocked the most.


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Thank you--I will check that out.  I appreciate the information and will follow up on it.  Julie 

I know you've had other issues with your R5.  I've had my own issues where the video record button would not work when the camera was on after 5-10 min.  Had to send it into canon repair and they replaced the top logic board.  Came back functioning as I expected.  Was trying to record 4th of July firework video on a 3 month old camera and it would not record with the dedicated record button.  Imagine my disappointment as well... 🙂


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The only way for the R5 to overheat when taking stills is for there to be extremely high ambient temps,which is probably not a situation you want to be in taking shots, as you will likely overheat before the camera does.


I suggest that you contact Canon support for your location.

They will likely ask you to reset the camera settings.  They should also ask about your camera shooting mode, exposure, and AF settings.  

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Hi JulCus, I wonder if you found a solution as I am having identical issues.  Very frustrating after spending a lot of money on the R5.  Previously, I used a Canon 6D and didn't have any problems with out of focus (soft/blurry) photos.  I've updated the firmware,


Since this thread is more than a year old, I recommend you start your own thread.  Please include information about your camera  (purchased new or used), its settings (shooting modes, etc), lens or lenses being used (are you using Canon lenses, adapters, etc) and a description of the shooting conditions where you haven't received the results you expected.  A sample RAW photo (linked) would allow us to evaluate the picture.  I'm sure we can help you figure out why your images are not sharp.  Thanks in advance.

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