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R5 1.6 firmware

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Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Product Advisory Detail Page

may fix IS wobble issue but alas, no 30+ min recording.


Firmware Version 1.6.0 incorporates the following enhancements:

  1. Adds [Auto Power Off Temp.: Standard/High] to the menu for movie recording. When [High] is selected, the camera will not automatically turn off when the temperature of the camera body and card become high, which may allow for longer movie recording than before, depending on the shooting conditions. Note that the temperature of the bottom surface of the camera may increase at this time.
  2. Adds the ability to convert multiple HEIF images into multiple JPEG images.
  3. Enhances the performance of "Movie Digital IS". It stabilizes the image when taking selfies or walking shots using a wide-angle lens.
  4. Fixes minor issues.


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Hi jaewoosong,

Thanks for the post.  I would like to see Canon make some improvements to the jello effect on the R5 for everyone. Ibis has become slightly controversial since the release of the R5 C.  On the R5 C, there is a minute crop if you use IS in Cine mode.  TBH, its not even noticeable and I actually prefer it to ibis.  However, ibis is still a great feature on the R5.  I do not believe the R5 will ever get movie recording beyond 30 min.  

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I agree.  Do not hold out hope that the 30 minute limit will be removed from the R5 one day.

I suspect many of the IBIS issues related to the use of wide angle lenses are related to what the user is trying record.  Focusing on distant objects with a wide angle lens has always been problematic because of the way distant objects are distorted by the lens.  I have little doubt these circumstances would wreak havoc with any type of image stabilization system, not just IBIS.

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I'm not holding my breathe for 30+ min recording time either.  Just updated my firmware and the only interesting setting for me is the "auto power off temp: standard/high"  Canon is basically giving us the option to run the R5 hot to record high resolution/bitrate before cutting off.  I doubt I'd use this as the highest video I shoot is 4k/30fps in a stationary position (i.e. tripod recording kid's musical performance).


Rebel XT, 7D, 5Dm3, 5DmIV (current), EOS R, EOS R5 (current)
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