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R10 bricked SD card



I was wondering if anyone encountered same problem.

Today I was shooting in AV mode, as normal, using Integral 256 GB SD V60. I took few shots and on one particular took several shots whilst on a single mode drive shot (pressing and holding the shooting button). The camera was writing and updating the image count and then the image counter (number of remaining images available to take on the card) kept flashing. I did notice that, but proceeded to take the next picture. After that, the red light blinked and then camera hang up, giving an error that it doesnt recognise the SD card, change or re-insert. Re-insert didn't help, another card worked.


What is peculiar is that initial card got completely bricked, Windows 11 doesn't initialise it, it sees it in device manager, but whenever I try to manipulate anything gives BSOD. Any recover software and partition manager software do not see the card either. 


The question I have - is this the R10 or the SD card issue and if anyone else had experienced the same?




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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with a new camera.  I suspect your memory card could be the central issue, seeing how the error message flagged the memory card.

If you are not using a UHS-II memory card, then yoiu should.  If you are using a micro-SD memory card with an adapter, then you should not.

Here are a few best practices when it comes to buying camera accessories like memory cards and batteries.  Only purchase accessories from a Canon Factory Authorized Dealer.  I do not recommend online marketplaces like Amazon or Best Buy, even though they are Authorized Dealers.  The problem is that not every item being sold comes from Amazon or Best Buy.

Only use Canon branded batteries.  Some people have reported issues with some batches of Canon batteries.  These same people have reported good results with one or two third party brands.

Only use memory cards made be a major manufacturer like SanDisk or Lexar.  Always be sure to format the memory cards in the camera prior to first use.  Do not swap memory cards between devices.  Every device should have its own memory card.


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I am having the exact same issue and have done everything that the internet has suggested besides opening it up. I've looked close and none of the pins. No found solution.


It would be interesting to know the make and type of SD card you are using.   
As a general advice (and echoing that of my esteemed colleague Bill), one should never use micro-SD cards with adapters, they are prone to issues. 
Second, always use name-brand cards like Lexar or Sandisk, from a reputable dealer - not off the web, as there are lots of counterfeits out there.
Third, once you have downloaded your images, always format the card rather than delete files.  Deleting files cause cumulative File Allocation issues that can create errors and, as you describe it, potentially 'brick' the card.   I would strongly recommend formatting the card in the camera rather than the computer.

cheers, TREVOR

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