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Questions about R6


I am primarily a wedding photographer along with seniors and corporate headshots. I’ve shot with a canon 5d mark iv for years but am wanting to upgrade. I’m almost set on the R6 although I’ve been questioning whether to switch to Sony since it seems so many wedding photographers love Sony. I’m really worried about the R6 only being 20mp and no RF 35 1.4 lens. I know I can use an adapter and use me EF lenses thing. I just need to hear some perspectives from other people to help me make a decision. Thank you so much!



I would suggest you check out the You Tube videos by Vanessa Joy - she is a wedding photographer and has also posted reviews from her perspective on the R6.  Also she has made some serious comments on the RF lenses she uses for her work.  She is highly respected and I think would be worthy of reference.

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Less megapixels can be a benefit in low light since individual sensor sites are larger.  But going from 30 MP with the 5D IV down to 20 MP will be quite the jump.   There is the R6 Mark II though which as of this writing a $400 more on B&H Photo.  It's typically just $200 more, but the R6 right now is $200 off.  The Mark II would be 24 MP.

IMO though, the EOS R5 is a better overall replacement for a 5D IV.


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I see you have already received excellent advice.  

I've watched a few of Vanessa Joy's vids.  One thing Ricky said did hit a chord for me.  Going from 30 to to 20MP.

This was the main reason I passed on the R6.  I had been shooting on a 6D2 at 26MP.  MP's are not everything and as Ricky pointed out the photocytes are bigger on the R6 and do capture more light.  For me, that wasn't enough.  I was already thinking about what a camera with a higher MP count was going to do for my landscape and architecture photography.  Could I have done it with an R6, maybe, but I knew I would ultimately be let down.  

If I was considering a camera in this realm today, I'd get the R6 mkII without a second thought. Only that is, if I couldn't afford an R5.  I said this to someone on another forum yesterday.  If the difference in price between the R6 mkI and mkII was $1000, that would be one thing, but at $400 its key differentiators are well worth the $400 price difference.

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