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Printing Problem with Canon Pixma MX922


When the print dialogue appears

there is a small triangle with a exclamation mark inside, on the left of
"Canon MX920 series-2"  
the preset is "default settings"
copies: 1
pages : all        -(and I've tried all the other options)
then I press print
a box that says "canon mx920 series-2 - 1 job" appears
and  it starts printing
but the paper comes out with only like 30% of the picture
support code : 306 A communication error has occurred.Make sure that the printer is plugged in,powered-on,and properly connected to your computer.Then try printing again.
I have all these things done already,and i've tried printing lost of times,sometimes the paper comes with 20% or 30% of 40% ,but it never comes out with the full picture on it
please help 


Hi Pedro,


How far away is your printer from your wireless access pont?  If you move the printer closer, are you able to receive a full page printout?


If this is a time-sensitive matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.



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I am experiencing the same issue but my laptop was sitting on top of the scanning cover as I was printing and the access point is next to the printer. Can't get any closer than that.


Pedro it does sound like something is interrupting your signal. Are you messing around with the camera while it is sending?

I have found, or at least my son has, that if you sit the camera on a table right next to the printer, it works best. It really isn't designed to go through walls or from the other side of the house or apartment.

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